Keri Latimer – Crowsfeet and Greyskull

I was playing cards late the other night with my best gal. The window was open to the alley and the night outside. We sipped on wine as the hands played themselves out. From the stereo, the songs off Keri Latimer’s new solo effort poured into the room. Latimer’s beautiful voice accompanies the well written and sparsely arranged tunes perfectly. “Persuader” is a dark little rocker with a bit of a groove to it. The title track is a beautiful little ditty with some nice piano work courtesy of Christine Fellows. “So Long” is probably my favourite track on here, a track which really showcases both Latimer’s distinctively voice, but also her top-notch songwriting. “Liquidation Sale” is another great track, which sounds like the lovechild of the Weakerthans’ “Everything Must Go” and Dolly Parton’s “Bargain Store.” All in all, a great disc to put on for both sexy times and reflective times. (Independent, Sheldon Birnie

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