CKUW Puts the “Fun” in Fundraiser

*from last year as we gear up for Fundrive 2024!*

Words by Rish Hanco
Photos by Kat Kolesar 

Friends and supporters of local “campus and community” radio station CKUW (95.9 FM) came out to the Good Will Social Club on Thursday, March 30 to wrap up the annual pledge drive in support of keeping CKUW listener-driven and free of paid advertising. It was an intimate gathering and a great opportunity not only to support the continued work of CKUW and its in-house music magazine, Stylus Magazine, but for the staff and volunteers to celebrate that work. 

Body Of Intrigue eased us into the celebration with layers of music swirling up out of ambience. The sounds of water and birds settled all around the room. Listening, letting the music wash over you in waves, it becomes easy to forget yourself. I found myself transported (not for the last time that night) to a dream-world. I forgot the last lingering tendrils of Winter and felt the warmth of the sun shining down on my face.

The next band to take the stage was Campfire Sigh, bringing with them a joyful energy. They sang of trekking mountains and encountering strange mystics, once again inviting us (the crowd) to lose ourselves in other worlds. A feeling of calm would break down into moments of heroism, every sound and movement of the band leaning toward some great quest. The unapologetic love of fantasy and play was infectious, and before long, we were dancing with abandon. 

The dancing continued as Tinge brought us back with a vengeance to reality. With riffs and lyricism reflecting deeply personal and real experiences, they captured our attention and our hearts. They revealed the universal in so many intimate moments, creating a space for gratitude and hope, despite the missteps and misgivings that come with learning to exist in a community of individuals. 

Each moment on stage was a gift. 


It’s not too late to support local music radio! You can donate to CKUW year-round at

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