Helado Negro – Awe Owe

heladoRoberto Carlos Lange is the creator and leader of the Helado Negro project. It is difficult to describe the music that Lange has created. My iTunes lists “Unclassifiable” as the genre, and that is a pretty apt description, considering the amount of styles that Lange and guests play on the album. There is definitely a lot of influence from Lange’s Carribbean upbringing on the album, especially in the reggae-ish guitar playing and Spanish singing on the album. There are also elements of avant garde and electronic music on the album with Lange’s use of tape loops, samples, and computer synthesizers. The music itself is pleasing and very soothing music. It is an album that should not be blasted in your car in the city, but rather to have on in the background while reading or writing. A musical score for your daydreams. I recommend Awe Owe for fans of Land of Kush or Sigur Ros. Fun Fact: Helado Negro is Spanish for “Black Ice Cream.” (Asthmatic Kitty, www.asthmatickitty.com) Charles Lefebvre