Jackpine – Harkening Back, Looking Forward


By Michael Elves

Though the members of Jackpine may scoff at the notion of being a super-group, they’re not above using the tag to help promote their new album, Brand New Good Old Days. “The whole idea of a super-group is based on the fact that people know and care about our other work, and they don’t. Well except maybe about Jaxon’s,” says Sean Buchanan with a chuckle.

Jackpine’s origins aren’t rooted in promoting the individual parts, even though Jaxon Haldane plays with the D. Rangers and Buchanan is the principal singer and songwriter for the Western States. In the same way that super-groups like Broken Social Scene and the New Pornographers came together, the four members of Jackpine joined up looking to let off some steam and write and record for fun, free of the expectations of their individual pursuits.