Review: the Rowdymen – Gas, Liquor & Fireworks

Gas, Liquor & Fireworks
rowdymen1After a lengthy hiatus, the return of guitarist/vocalist Jason Allen signaled the return of Winnipeg roots-rockabilly staple the Rowdymen. Their latest kicks off in classic rockabilly fashion with “Johnny Rumble,” a twangy up-tempo number that gives it a ton of gas, and tells the story of a boy “born with a guitar in his hands.” Other numbers, like “Ode to Possum” and “Road Hard,” display some liquored country-roots sensibilities with a little help from one of the best voices in Winnipeg, Joanne Rodriguez (Angry Dragons, American Flamewhip). Songs like “All Right Baby” add some vintage swing to the mix. The album ends with some fireworks courtesy of a couple great rockabilly numbers written by vocalist/drummer Ken McMahon. Much like in real life, Gas, Liquor & Fireworks amounts to a fun rockin’ time. (Transistor 66, Kent Davies