LOST: Stan Getz and João Gilberto-Getz/Gilberto

These songs have been covered by numerous adult contemporary artists. However, comparing adult contemporary versions to the original is like holding up a mall-rat’s cheaply made sports jersey knock off to your parent’s old little league jersey. Please do not peg me as one that peddles the superiority of all things “vintage”. The fact of the matter is that Getz and Gilberto sound BETTER than most, maybe all the new jazz I have come across. It is delightfully smooth (though not superficial or unremarkable). Getz and Gilberto being the founding fathers of bossa nova jazz, blend rhythm guitar, saxophone, simple hi-hat/cymbal/snare rim beats and a slow and essential bass line. Along with the vocals (English or Portuguese) these elements create a dreamlike state of relaxation and appreciation. This is an album perfect for listening to as you are walking home on a sunny morning after a night of partying or lying on a beach or playing with your cat or cooking, the list goes on. The bottom line is that this music makes me incredibly happy and that’s not just because it reminds me of Peter Sellers from the 1968 film “The Party”. (Verve Records www.vervemusicgroup.com)