Tonstartssbandht Starts Shit

TONSTARTSSBANDHT- Hotel For Gods – (SIDE B) from Spencer Gilley on Vimeo.

Tired of life’s daily drags, its brumal breath on the back of your neck? Doing fine and want to be doing even finer still? TONSTARTSSBANDHT! Become enraptured in the music of these Floridian born brothers gone Montreal. The bros, Andy and Edwin White, also play in High Rise II and Superbud. With MC5 vigour Tonstartssbandht are kickin’ out extensive BJM style jams – psychedelic noise pop if you want to try to pin them – they’re one of those duos who “don’t give a fuck about genres or movements.”

This video for “Hotel for Gods” came out not long ago and was shot the same day as their interview on CKUT. Relish in your perceptions for a while. All filmed in the lowest quality: so colourful and homey mmm.

Scratch that! Just follow this link to side A, “Sinkhole Storm and Sandwich” and imbibe in the whole record! Recorded live on a four-track, each in one take. Available on Arbutus. Play ‘em and get lost, lost, lost.

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