THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE – The Singles Collection 1992-2011

Now here’s a release that I’ve been waiting YEARS for! As a fan of the BJM, buying up every album and EP I could find was a fairly easy (albeit expensive) undertaking. The 7” and 12” singles, however, were another story. Copies of their early releases (with alternate versions, of course) reach up into the hundreds on eBay, etc. Recently, Anton Newcombe has acquired the rights to these early releases and has been reissuing them on his ‘a’ recordings label (previous rare reissues include the This Is Why You Love Me and Love 12”s on CD). This 2 CD set essentially fills in the rest of the gaps. The early singles from ’92-’95 show the band in baby form, finding a sound while paying respect to garage bands of the ’60s and guitar bands like Ride and Swervedriver of the ’90s. Also included is the band’s most recent single, the 12” Illuminomi b/w There’s A War Going On, released just this year but sounding less like their last two albums (which left fans who wanted another …And This Is Our Music asking themselves if Anton’s really just mental) and more like the modern psychedelia they’ve been heralded for. As a bonus, two songs by Acid (a BJM pseudonym from 1993) see their first CD release here, along with 12 others that have been wax-only releases. A real treat for the fans, even more for completists. Just awesome, really. (a recordings, Patrick Michalishyn

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