FOAM LAKE – Force and Matter

Foam Lake takes its name from a Saskatchewan town, population 1,433. Just looking at that number makes me break out into claustrophobic sweat! Thankfully their sound is quite the opposite – expansive and rich in variety and mood and what can be done with guitars and keyboards. As sounds vibrate and spin into “Black Hole,” a song as calming as the middle of a storm, you’ll hear a place where violins and lazy tempos swing in perfect harmony. “Baggage” is lit by steady and sturdy drums, and “True Hearts” is chock full of catchy energy. Influences range from My Bloody Valentine to the Ramones. All four band members are brothers, and are involved in separate musical projects including Chiba, Slow Down, Molasses, and the Warbrides. This is the first time they’ve worked together, though, and in the debut CD, Force and Matter sounds pretty strong and cohesive, coming together in a sound that’s thoughtful and lively. (Independent, Adrienne Yeung

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