NANS & NAT – The Right Words

There’s music that people to dance to, and there’s music that people listen to – and The Right Words stays resolutely on the dance-only side of the line. From the first couple seconds, it’s clear that the Montreal-based duo’s debut CD is pure catchy electro-pop running in the same direction as The Golden Filter and La Roux. This is an album that I feel kind of embarrassed about liking, because there’s not much here besides cheesy synths, fast beats, and repetitive vocals to carry the songs through. Each track is an oddly infectious mix of what sounds like children’s toy phone noises, Nat’s clear and steady voice, and the playlist at the first nightclub you hit up when you turned 18 in 1985. The Right Words is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, but all the same, there are some problems. There are just way too many disjointed, extraneous effects, as well as uninspired melodies where it seems they forgot some lyrics and filled in blanks in the beats with repeated lines and “oh”s. Ultimately, though, the catchiness of the songs is the album’s saving grace. (Independent, Adrienne Yeung

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