Kittie – I’ve Failed You

Right off the bat, you get your ass handed to you on the sixth album by these hard rocking Canadian ladies. Female talent is much underrepresented in this genre but Kittie put any and all doubt to bed with this release. Opener and title track “I’ve Failed You” wastes no time getting right down into the relentless heaviness which is maintained through the album by such tracks as “We are the Lamb” and “Empires, Pt.2.” Aside from the incredible title track, “Come Around” is another high point, finding a nice balance between the harsh and sung vocals of the Lander sisters. “Ugly” is in a similar style as “Come Around,” neatly tucked away near the album’s end. Just when you could not possible destroy anything more in your general vicinity, the wall of noise brings you back for another rowdy few minutes before the sludgy album closer, “Time Never Heals.” This is certainly the best album Kittie has done to date and a great place to start for new listeners. (Entertainment One, Scott Wolfe

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