Lafidki / Orphan | Oliver – split LP

My friends in Belarus just met Saphy Vong of Lafidki and had this to say: “[Vong] is utterly crazy; we enjoyed talking to him about his music, which [Simptom Pogremushki] described as Cambodian New Year.” Cambodian New Year might never be a genre, but it’s ultra apt for Vong’s work here. The often masked Cambodian born, Paris/Nancy/Berlin-based musician has a unique sense for abstract electronics, bringing with him an energy and joy rare in such deeply experimental psychedelia. Lafidki’s blend of noise and sequenced multi-layered rhythms is a captivating solo listen, but this music’s also begging for a spot at your next dinner-party-turned-dance-off.

Orphan | Oliver’s side is unassuming after the celebratory nature of Lafidki’s, creeping forward through simple, blurred pop songs that seek lovers of heavy, lo-fi dirges. Opener “Cherry Belly” is a slow and sensual piece that sleepwalks undisturbed from one end of a haunted forest to the other – nothing much happens, but the mood is thick. Toronto’s Sabarah Pilon has a mastery of atmosphere, and her tracks match Lafidki’s in their ability to explore experimental regions while remaining utterly listenable. Two very different artists achieve balance: Cambodian New Year and Canadian winter night: yin and yang. (Steak Au Zoo, Kristel Jax

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