The Vibrating Bed’s self-titled debut EP released last year is pretty hard to top, but their new EP Sing the Blues is not only as good as the first, but better. Sing the Blues takes a slight shift from the Rock N’ Roll feel that their debut EP executed perfectly, towards a blues and soul feel on “Six Eight,” and a rockabilly sound that belongs in a 50s diner in a personal favourite, “Let Me Be.” The Vibrating Beds still stick to their Rock N’ Roll sound in “Baby” as well, adding a more familiar track to those who adored their first release. Jenna, the vocalist, has pushed her vocal abilities farther than in their debut EP, especially on “Six Eight,” making the album louder, more powerful, and more memorable than their last. This album only has one problem: it only has three songs! Vibrating Beds, it may be time to consider a full-length album, because at the end of this EP, I felt myself wanting more. (Transistor 66, Shanell Dupras

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