Weekenders 05/31 – 06/3

Plenty of opportunity to get weird this weekend!

Thursday, May 31st

BA Johnston, the Ketamines, Microdot, and the Vibrating Beds!! I first heard the Ketamines via their LP at CKUW, and have been hooked ever since, and B.A. shows are notoriously wild. I’m pretty pumped. This is sure to be a great show. OK, I’LL STOP SO THAT YOU CAN GO CHANGE WHATEVER YOU NEED TO CHANGE IN ORDER TO COME TONIGHT!!!!! GO!!!!!

Doors at 9, show is at 10. $10 gets you in. -Victoria King

Friday, June 1

Four local electronic artists, eight speakers & five hours of sweaty, complex vibrations! Show up at Ace Art at 9pm and Tim HooverBlunderspublik, Mink! (aka Mike Germain), and Andy Rudolph(of Mahogany Frog) will have your ears dancing off the side of your head. Or inside your head. Why don’t you find out?

The doors of 290 McDermot Ave open at 9pm this Friday when you give them the magic number – $7. – Adrienne Yeung

Saturday, June 2nd/samedi, le 2 juin

Other than the Festival du Voyageur, how often does Winnipeg immerse itself in its second official language? Probably not as often as we should, which is why checking out Découvertes manitobaine en chanson 2012 is so important! This is the second year that Le 100 Nons has set up a concert dedicated to us French Manitobans, with a killer line up! Featuring folk rock artist Guy Abraham, hip-hop group Namwira Folks, solo acoustic act La Colonie, Transistor 66’s punk rockers Les Sexy, and a special appearance by Ariane Jean of Chic Gamine. (Speak French? Read the French description of this event below!)

Check out what these francophones have to offer this Saturday, June 2nd in the Pauline-Boutal Auditorium at 340 Provencher boulevard. It’s $10 at the door or in advance by calling 233-2556 and starts at 8:00 pm!

Autre que le Festival du Voyageur, combien de fois est-ce que les gens de Winnipeg peut s’impliquer dans la culture française? Probablement pas assez. Ca c’est pourquoi il est si importante d’aller voir les chanteur/chanteuses au Découvertes manitobaine en chanson 2012! C’est la deuxième année que Le 100 Nons a mis en place un concert spécifiquement pour les Franco-Manitobains avec les performances spectacles! Par exemple : l’artiste folk rock Guy Abraham, les artistes hip-hop Namwira Folks, la chanteuse acoustique La Colonie, les punk rockers du Transistor 66, Les Sexy, et une apparition spéciale par Ariane Jean du Chic Gamine.

Aller voir qu’est-ce que ces francophones ont à vous offrir cet samedi, le 2 juin dans la salle Pauline-Boutal chez 340 boulevard Provencher. Il en coûte 10$ à la porte ou à l’avance par téléphoner 233-2556. Le spectacle commence à 20h00! – Shanell Dupras

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