Municipal Waste – The Fatal Feast

Album number five from these thrash/crossover giants is packed with both humour and the party references that we have come to expect from Municipal Waste. These boys burst onto the scene in 2001 and have been making face ripping, head banging, full throttle thrash ever since. Getting progressively better with each release and aging like a fine wine. This band would not appreciate the comparison of ageing like a fine wine, so for a comparison more up their ally: they are aging like a mutated space elixir that has the highest possible alcoholic content of any beverage in the galaxy, anything over a shot will turn the user into an addicted zombie party monster. Right. Now the album… it is fucking great. These boys must have had a hell of a time making an album on par with 2007’s Art of Partying, but nonetheless they have done just that. The album opens with a keen little sample, and then enters into the relentless shredding of “Repossession.” The album literally does not slow down until it reaches the longer tracks, such as, “Covered in Sick/The Barfer” and “Standards and Practices” (which are by no means “slow”), both tracks are my personal favorites and they give you just enough time to catch your breath before the onslaught continues. Get it and get head banging! (Nuclear Blast,
Scott Wolfe

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