DODECAHEDRON – Dodecahedron

“Progressive Black Metal” from the Netherlands. These guys REALLY like Deathspell Omega. Enough to put their name in all caps in a font size almost as large as their own in the bio. It’s blasting, it’s technical, it came out in January, and if you follow Seasons Of Mist you have probably already heard it. There is a lot going on here, in a complex, black metal Dillenger Escape Plan type of way, that you either love for its ambition or decry for its soulless assemblage. Well executed, and they know how to inject a mood into what they do at points, but they miss the mark when it comes to sustaining that mood or making it part of a cohesive whole. They want me to tell you about their “[b]roken and torn structures born out of razor-like guitar riffs” which “coagulate into melodies and patterns that constantly mutate and shape shift.” So if that sentence seems well constructed to you, this likely will as well. Worth a listen for a first-hand-opinion formulation if bands like Ulcerate peak your curiosity. However, I am not sensing the core of what they are doing here beyond the technicality. (Seasons Of Mist, Brad Skibinsky

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