MILK AND RECTANGLES – Milk and Rectangles

Milk and Rectangles’ self-titled debut full length follows three EPs of “indie-rock, art-pop and garage.” The Halifax based four piece relies on eighth-note strumming rhythms guitars on top of simple-as-GarageBand-loops drums to support vocals that wander in and out of 60s influenced pop melodies. The style is consistent, with the exception of some dance-heavy tracks (“Heart’s the Target”) and some guitar/vocal only pieces (“Nobody’s Fool”). All of the tracks on this album are in the same vein, but only a few click, and the roughly produced effort as a whole tends to be vocal and guitar hooks that don’t quite catch on top of a mid-tempo monotonous rhythm section.
The tracks that do work show the potential for what Milk and Rectangles are going for, notably the final track, “A Loaded Question” – a short pop-rock piece with a catchy chorus, nicely complementing guitar riffs, and drums that are consistent yet interesting. Other songs where the formula comes together properly are “Don’t Fall Into the Wrong Hands” and the opener, “Hospital Patience.” Otherwise, the album just sort of happens. (Independent, Darcy Penner

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