Carly Maicher – Hiding

At the same time that Carly Maicher’s debut album provides a wonderful escape in all its elegant simplicity, it is also slightly foreboding, seeming dark and complex. While slow, effortless and beautiful, this album explores the realms of self-doubt, heartache and longing. It leaves you at an impasse, feeling mellowed and measured. Maicher’s voice is stirring and strong, controlled for the most part and yet beautiful when allowed to deviate from arrangement. Maicher wrote Hiding after “romanticizing about running away to a far-away land.” That land being a family-owned summer home in Grand Manan, and her “running away” adventure lasted for three and a half years. The sea, escape, and time are obvious motifs that remain constant throughout this album and serve as a trusted backdrop. Fellow folker Zachary Lucky collaborated on this album, in contributing on banjo and guitar. Aesthetically, the album is packaged in a soft canvas and the cover art couldn’t be more perfect. This album goes great with a tall glass of wine and a secluded dock at dusk. (Independent, Victoria King

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