Weekenders 08/17 – 08/19

Festival season keeps rolling. The Empty Standards play both Rainbow Trout and Harvest Sun fests this weekend.

Friday August 17 – Sunday August 19

Just east of Riding Mountain National Park and just west of the farming community of Kelwood, MB, a beauty of a summer festival is taking place this weekend. The annual Harvest Sun Music Festival is set in a beautiful location and offers two days and three nights of top notch roots and rock music. With Hillbilly Highway favourites The Magnificent Sevens and Romi Mayes & Jay Nowicki rocking Friday night, the fest really gets off to a great start. Winnipeg heroes Greg Macpherson, the Empty Standards, Ridley Bent, the Sweet Alibi, and Fred Penner (!!!) playing throughout the weekend alongside local Riding Mountain area beauties like Logan McKillop, Murray Evans, and a whole lot more, this festival has it made. Weather forecast for the area looks good, folks, so why not head on out to Kelwood this weekend?

Tickets are available here. Adult weekend pass is $45, youth pass $35. Adult day pass for Friday is $15, Saturday & Sunday $25 each. Camping is available for an additional small fee. -SB

Friday August 17 – Sunday August 19

Most people don’t believe me when I tell them I’ve never been camping, even after I explain that my family just isn’t the ‘wilderness’ type. Barbecuing on the back porch is about the closest I’ve ever been to camping. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try! And although I can’t sneak away this weekend to do some of that real outdoorsy stuff, I highly recommend that you do. And really, what sounds more wildly and fun than a music festival/fishing derby hybrid?? Well only one that’s got a super neat name like ‘Rainbow Trout Music Festival and Fishing Derby’! Included in the Friday-Saturday-Sunday fun is Jenny Berkel, the Empty Standards, the Hoots, Ultra Mega, Feed the Birds, Mise En Scene, Pop Crimes, the Bokononists, Rob Crooks, Smoky Tiger, Mitten Claps, Ian La Rue, and more! The festival takes place in St. Malo, and passes range in price from $10 to $25, depending on the day. For more information, please check this out. Here’s some directions too! – VK

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