Action Bronson // Live @ Greenroom 08/15

Review by Ryan Reyes

Photos by Khammy Phanthavong

Somehow, someway I find myself climbing the winding staircase of the Greenroom. Ah yes a rap show. An Action Bronson rap show. This mountain of a man with the best rap handle this side of Snoop Lion has been generating much buzz in the rap world as of late. Yes, he may often sound like that MC whose name rhymes with Fishface Trilla and yes, he was a respected gourmet chef before he became a rapper.

His live show is fun. The charm. The antics. The rap. He sauntered onstage with a bottle of Grey Goose in one hand and a cup in the other. He delivered a steady barrage of impressive lyrical stabs, hilarious punch lines and liberal shots of Goose; quenching both the crowd’s thirst for rap greatness and good times. Quite often he would venture into the crowd making the entire dancefloor his stage. He moves quick for a big guy and I could swear he used the bathroom during one of his excursions. This interactivity made adoring fans feel like they were part of the show. Standouts from his much acclaimed mixtape Blue Chips were performed with much gusto. Bronsolino’s smooth NYC-Queens flow was crisp. A combination of his intricate food raps referencing cannoli and poutine along with a generous helping of “second-hand smoke” made me crave for greasy eats.  Live hip hop shows are notoriously hit or miss but in Action Bronson’s case his was a hit. After clocking in at 30 minutes, his set was done. Similar to a half-rack of baby back ribs it was short & sweet and left you craving for more.

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