Lisa Bozikovic – This Is How We Swim

Let the swimming lessons begin! Or at the very least we can celebrate water in all of its forms and qualities as they percolate through the poetic lyrics of Lisa Bozikovic’s second full release. Upon emerging from this album there is a sense of being cleansed. Wind, rain, waves, rip tides, currents, ice, waterfalls, and many more natural phenomena allow Bozikovic’s story of love, mortality, and life to flow and transcend her notes and melodies. Beyond these themes, there is something essentially cool and crisp about Bozikovic’s light voice; a voice that is so well paired with the atmospheric and gentle yet sensual music that feels like misting rain or the ocean’s salty spray.  Even though the power of the ocean does not translate to This Is How We Swim, Lisa Bozikovic’s second album will surely earn further critical acclaim beyond that of her 2009 release, Lost August. After her first release the Toronto singer-songwriter spent much of the last couple years opening for Ohbijou. Bozikovic recorded with Sandro Perri and members of Ohbijou, Fond of Tigers, and Timber Timbre to add a diversity of arrangement to her piano and guitar; all in all a wonderfully soft and sparkling sound to enjoy. (Independent, Jesse Blackman

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