Die Mannequin – Danceland

Creepy, catchy, disgusting, uplifting – 30 seconds into the record and it’s clear that Die Mannequin still has the same magic that they possessed in their debut. The cool thing is that Danceland could work great at a dance club, or for those lonely angry nights spent with a bottle of whiskey after a break-up.  That it achieves this potential in listening pleasure is part of what makes it so interesting. Danceland‘s strength springs from simultaneous pop simplicity and unique sounds – Care Failure’s vocals are particularly well-suited in this regard. Her best performance ends up being “The Other Tiffany,” the record’s first track. At times a growl, at times a scream, and at others a beautiful falsetto, her vocal melodies are the album’s greatest strength. The songs are very eccentric, at times sounding like a hard rock version of Mother Mother. However, not all the songs are equal in strength – the record starts off great, but limps during the mid section.  Also, the band’s choice of guitar tone is questionable – although mostly fitting, the thick distortion periodically distracts away from the songs melodies and flirts with tiresome cliches. Overall, the record is a good length, and has a unique and powerful vibe to it. Danceland is definitely worth the purchase for those interested in melodic rock with dashes of punk and dance. (eOne Music, diemannequin.net) Matt Austman

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