Annalise Emerick – Starry-Eyed

Starry-Eyed has many attributes and while complexity may not be one of them, that does not stop the simple tunes from seeming more than just a little bit welcoming. Emerick has a nice voice which she uses to deliver her very catchy and comfortable lyrics, which could fit onto any established artist’s pop-country album. Starry-Eyed has gained a lot of attention from iTunes charts to blogs to the CD Baby’s podcast. Easy to listen too and with minimal concern paid to its presence as background music it will pass the time nicely until the next album comes up. By the end, I was left wondering if it was any surprise that every lover sung about seems to fade fast away – every song was about some vague heartbreak, some unidentified past sweetheart. Emerick got her start playing gigs in Boston after she moved from Nashville looking for a new scene; based on her upcoming concert schedule she is popular in Massachusetts. Who knows how far she could go. All things considered Starry-Eyed is an exciting start to what could be a good musical career, conversely it could also be just a passing catchy tune that slips past memories and is forgotten.  (Windsor Road Music Publishing, Jesse Blackman

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