Aidan Knight – Small Reveal

Aidan Knight released Small Reveal on October 23, 2012 and I’ve listened to it every day since (and just a couple times more). The album lulls you inwards to deep places and deep thoughts. There’s a beautiful elusive quality to it, with lyrics that are never directly explicit and leave a lot to personal interpretation. Knight presents a shimmering crossroads on the opening track “Dream Team” – an acoustic hum for the young and unsure to pause and reflect on age and experience, after which the pace races to a tidal wave finish, with the crash of electric guitar against speaker. The second track on the album, “A Mirror,” seems nearing the opposite – flowering and bubbly, it reflects a lightness and a brightness that functions as a solid folk-pop single. In my opinion, this is pretty much the only time this optimistic sound is really articulated on the album. Small Reveal is stirring and poetic (and in my opinion, really fucking good), though obviously also weighty and heady. In comparison to Knight’s debut Versicolor, Small Reveal doesn’t have the beginner’s naivety that made Versicolor as charming and lovely as it was. That being said, it feels as though this release is more crafted, more organized and less hesitant to excel. The one constant factor to my ears is Knight’s voice, as it still resonates throughout with remembrance, thanks, and poignancy. (Outside Music, Victoria King

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