Melody’s Echo Chamber – Melody’s Echo Chamber

melody's echo chamber
Melody Prochet’s feathery voice sounds like it was time-warped out of a jam session with Francoise Hardy and Jane Birkin into 2012. But after a track or two, it’s apparent that while the carefree, childlike quality of 60s French pop is a huge influence of Melody’s sound, her collaboration on this CD with Tame Impala’s frontman Kevin Parker brings along subtle complexity and a darker kind of dreamlike feel. Listening to this CD is like being caught in a storm in a boat and choosing to float away, instead of trying to paddle back. It really feels like each song has its own layers of lithos- (warm bass and marching percussion), bio- (guitar riffs, odd spoken samples), and stratospheres (vocals and echoes), which isn’t to say the album is incohesive. French and English will float into one another on multiple tracks, as do melodies, the repetitiveness of which reminds me of the heaviness you feel in the moments before you sleep, or the scenes blurring past the passenger seat window of a car on the highway. Relaxing is the word. (Fat Possum, Adrienne Yeung

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