Bullet- Full Pull


Okay, this is essentially Scandinavia’s AC/DC, just a little more metal and a little less awesome. I am sure some of these tracks would please many fans of hard rock but there is literally not a single original idea, concept or song on this album. Maybe its because there is a plethora of significantly better bands coming out of Scandinavia right now, Kvelertak and Okkultokrati to name a couple, which explains why I detest this so much. Everything sounds the same on this album, the tracks blend with each other to give the illusion of a 42-minute song. I am confident that if you drink enough and give this a listen it will actually sound exactly like AC/DC and become far more enjoyable. The rip off of AC/DC is just so apparent I cannot get over it, right down to the singers growl. The vocals sound more raspy and ridiculous that Brian Johnson but the connection is unmistakable. Do yourself a favour and dig a little deeper to appreciate all the significantly better music Scandinavia has to offer, because this is a very inaccurate portrayal.
(Nuclear Blast Records, nuclearblast.de) Scott Wolfe

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