Everything about this album screams “METAL!” The album cover, the band name, the band members, the promotion from Pantera’s Phil Anselmo… Everything on this album screams metal, except for most of the actual music. Now this isn’t a bad thing. Although I wouldn’t go as far as Phil in saying it’s my new favourite album, I was expecting something a little… heavier. At the beginning of Legend, it felt like listening to a softer version of Tool, with vocals like those of Wintersleep. It was progressive – with distorted guitars, harmonies, and mostly fast progressions, although less experimental than most progressive music – but lacked the harsh vocals that normally accompany anything that falls under the “metal” category. This mixture is almost relieving; at a time when metal keeps trying to push the boundaries going heavier and heavier, Witchcraft has decided to take a softer route – and did a damn good job. There are some songs that do feed those metal lovers with guitar solos and fast riffs, but even those songs have slow moments. The first track, “Deconstruction” for example, begins to slow down at about 2:20 into the song. This kind of mixture keeps the album interesting. It’s not too fast, not too slow. (Nuclear Blast, nuclearblast.de) Shanell Dupras

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