Black Walls – Acedia

If Casper the Friendly Ghost was into wearing hardcore t-shirts and skateboarding through Toronto’s endless suburbs, he’d be a lot like Black Walls’ Ken Reaume. Reaume, who is no stranger – he toured with the likes of Mount Eerie and Final Fantasy under his old handle VIVIV – takes cues from both Mark Kozelek and Black Sabbath, weaving demons, religious iconography, regret, and one celebrity skateboarder (Brian Lotti) together with gentle vocals and skillful classical guitar compositions. The effect is a delicate, formless sound that ollies four dark horses and never touches back to earth. After a four year break from releasing music, Reaume submits Acedia as Black Walls’ debut, and the music is an obvious result of patience. VIVIV, like Kozelek, always struck me as acoustic music for people who find alienation and naivety in most things folk leaning. There is a touch of Natural Snow Buildings here amid Black Walls’ heavy lyrics, occasional field recordings, electronic glimmers, and tender song writing: a real glimpse into the beyond. Stare into the white vinyl at midnight and you might just see a ghost. (Pleasence, Kristel Jax

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