INGRID D. JOHNSON – What About Love?


People often talk about music with a purpose or a purpose in music, with Ingrid D. Johnson, the purpose and the music are one. A victim of child sexual abuse, she found hope in therapy and a real sense of purpose putting a message in her music. At times the lyrics can seem awkwardly confessional, but they do set the tone and back-story for the stronger songs. Positive vibes permeate every song, even the sad ones, on this ultimately uplifting disc. Her sound is a soulful blend of pop, jazz, and hip-hop supported by her band, the Funky Fresh Crew. An individually talented group, The Crew has a good chemistry that gives the songs a real vibrancy. What About Love feels like a natural extension, or more accurately an abridged version of 2009’s double-album, Wounded Soul. Case in point, one of the tracks, “So Long,” is a re-mix of “Hurry Up” from the previous disc. (Independent, Broose Tulloch

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