Butterclock prepares for First Prom

by Kristel Jax
Berlin via Paris artist Laura Clock has built Butterclock into an underground phenomenon slowly and mysteriously, fitting her foggy sound. Though Clock finds many fans through her live and recorded collaborations with Tri Angle oOoOO (NoWayBack, Try), Clock is committed to her own sound and vision: a dizzy blend of hip hop aesthetics, pastel-tinted fantasies, mirrored reflections of top 40 pop icons, and cold New German Cinema heroines. If this sounds like a visual artist you’d love to check out or at least follow on Tumblr, you’ll be glad to learn Clock’s new EP is due later this winter. 

Stylus: As we publish this, you’ll have released the first single of your long awaited EP. We want to know all about it: what’s it called, how long have you been working on it, and what secrets does it hold?
Laura Clock: It’s hard to say when I actually started to work on the EP. Some songs are brand new and were recorded last month, some others started to be built two years ago. To me, where and when it was recorded doesn’t really have an importance. It’s more about a feeling that is timeless. Maybe somehow there’s a reason why it’s so separated in time. I wanted it to feel like different stories, sequences, and flashbacks. The EP is called First Prom.Stylus: You’ve been recording and touring a lot with oOoOO. Is he on the EP?
LC: oOoOO co-produced the song “Don’t.” And I did the rest of the EP myself. There are some touches of my friend M. E. S. H. on the song “Sorry love.” Some drums I chopped at  the end. The song “Milky Words” was originally a beat by a very mysterious producer called Moon. I asked him if I could take it and sing on it and he agreed. So I did asked for some friends talents here and there, to “add” some things, but mostly and overall, I was sitting alone in front my Logic session making the record alone.It was important for me to do something very personal and with full control. Even though it was painful. Yeah, sometimes I was envious of these people who just have to go in a studio, sing, and leave, and then have a team of people taking care of the rest… haha. When I started my project in 2009 I was producing, writing, every single thing on my own and then started working with oOoOO. I admit I was a little offended to be taken as a “singer” even though it’s just ego shit. Who cares. I was mostly a live vocalist in that project, it’s true. I only wrote  two songs with him for oOoOO. I guess it’s just my values. I have a lot of respect for people who try to handle everything on their own. It’s usually long and harsh, but gratifying in the end.

Stylus: I’m really into strange cover songs and I’ve been listening to your version of “Crush” for two years now – I still can’t get over it. What are your favourite covers by other artists?
LC: Thanks. One of my favorites is “Turn Me On” by CocoRosie. It’s a classic.

Stylus: Will any new cover songs appear on this new release?
LC: No. I tried to stop doing that ‘cause I could just do it all day. It’s addictive. It’s just too easy and lazy to me somehow, but I’ll release some on [the] internet for sure.

Stylus: I read you like to get spaced out on valium and record late at night. What’s more enjoyable for you, performing live, or recording?
LC: I switched to syrup now: it’s way cooler to “hold a cup” (take that as you want), haha. No, I don’t wanna “promote” drugs at all, but instead the power of crystals and automatic writing. I’d rather promote that. All those anti-anxiety pills make you even more depressed…. well, that’s my personal experience on the subject. Anyways, it really depends, I think I prefer live shows because I am not getting too pissed usually. I am very impatient and recording songs takes so long, it makes me nervous to sit and stay still when things don’t sound the way I want. I’ve stopped myself from breaking my laptop several times. When I play live I don’t have time to think, so it’s relaxing and peaceful.

Stylus: Your singles have an intimate bedroom vibe – what kind of head space are you in personally when you perform live?
LC: Well I am trying to be as entertaining as possible. And I’ve been told I was, but kind of besides my control. I am kind of clumsy, and I really try not to trip all the time, and be too clowny cause that’s not hot. Like pros, you know. Like Rihanna and all those pop stars. I admire them so much. I wish I had that confidence. I am working on it though.

Stylus: What have you found is the most difficult kind of audience for you, and how do you deal with that?
LC: People who are staring and not dancing is the worst, I feel really awkward. It doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like it, but I am very sensitive and if I don’t feel the audience “with me,” comforting me and being close, I lose it and storm out once in awhile. I should work on my confidence, I guess…

Stylus: What’s been your best touring experience so far?
LC: All of it was amazing. Traveling with oOoOO all over the world was a blessing. Lots of drama too; touring in general always brings surprises (mostly good ones). Taking a ferry from Germany to Denmark was one of the prettiest trip / landscape ever, I think.

Stylus: You seem attracted to colours, digital art and pop imagery. What imagery do you like to surround yourself with? What would your dream home look like inside?
LC: My dream home IS my home. I have lots of glitters mixed with dirt, a few posters of my friend o F F love on the walls, plasma balls, good speakers, and crystals. I just need an ocean or waterfall view. We have snow right now in Berlin and that’s cool too.
I directed the video for the single “Don’t.” I am very much into filming, it helped me to finish the EP actually. It’s soothing.

Stylus: Do you dream in colour? What was your most recent dream?
LC: I only dream in blue, pink, and purple, are you kidding me? My last dream was probably about chasing waterfalls, and Soulja Boy was the soundtrack…

Stylus: Can we have a tracklist for the new EP?
LC: Don’t ; Bad roses ; Away ; Milky words ; TRY

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