Мох – 5


Мох (pronounced Mokh) is a project of Moscow’s Anton Krivulya, founder of the Solntsetsvety collective (whom Stylus profiled last year). Since 2010, Мох has been Krivulya’s solo endeavor incorporating electronic sounds and natural samples. 5, released, like all Solntsetsvety material for free online, is an album where every song is an experiment and every song is a simple, nearly radio friendly pop single. Мох is the most accessible Solntsetsvety project. The magic of life is captured in traditional structures; taken from spirit and formed as faceted crystal. There is a magic to Krivulya’s voice, a likeness of a father and mother, and of a thousand elegant and depraved animated characters from the Soviet world: animals with human problems, soldiers, lovers, alien encounters. The sparkle in Мох is not young and not yet old. Ageless light shrouds the present in silence. Songs from 5 rest naturally within us, and we wonder if there was a time we existed apart from them. This is pop mastery taken above to levels of pure art. (Independent, archive.org/details/Mokh–5) Kristel Jax

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