INGRID GATIN – 1,000 Lives


Ingrid Gatin’s sophomore LP, 1000 Lives, sees the Winnipeg artist hitting her stride. Recorded both in Winnipeg and at the Montréal studio of Howard Bilerman, the album is a solid collection of earnest songs about love, longing and romance. 1000 Lives has an agreeable sense of movement – likely thanks to the fact that Gatin has spent much of the last few years on the road.

Born in Saskatchewan and raised in Brandon, Ingrid’s second album benefits from the polish that Grammy-nominated Bilerman brings. Layered with accordion, piano and lilting percussion, the 11 songs here seem designed to be swayed to.

Standout tracks “Slow Dancing” and “Broken Tambourine” are addressed to a lover – or at least an object of affection – asking them to sing and dance. If you’re looking for a quiet disc to put on in the background, look elsewhere: this is a record that demands your attention.

And while Gatin’s strong and straightforward vocals may not to be to everyone’s taste, the moments when she allows her voice to slip into a higher register, like in the final sections of album closer “Time Will Change Us,” are thrilling. Pick this one up if you get a chance… or even better, catch one of her many shows and sway along. (Pipe & Hat, Andrew Friesen

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