Weekenders 04/11 – 04/13


Shows! Shows! Shows! Shows!

Friday, April 12, 2013

This is a show I’m kicking myself for not being in town for. So don’t blow it, you guys!

Classic Winnipeg punk band The Bonaduces (!!!!!!!!!!) are reuniting once again to rock the Royal Albert Arms. I played the shit out of The Democracy of Sleep as a teenager, and the city of Winnipeg that Doug MacLean painted of Winnipeg in the beautiful lyrics of this album heavily coloured not only my own view of Our Great City, but those of John K Samson in the early days of the Weakerthans as well. Despite the fact they’ve reunited a couple times now, I ALWAYS seem to manage to miss out. So fuck. GO TO THE ALBERT ON FRIDAY.

The Bonaduces are also joined by local rapscallions Danger Cat and the Undecided. I’m told it’s to be local puck-punks Clipwing’s first gig too. Just don’t go throwing elbows in the pit, you sons of guns.

Doors open at the Albert at 9pm. Tix are $8 at the door. Don’t fucking blow it, bud. -SB

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Are you tired of bands that get up on stage and expect your adulation because they can string together a couple chords and sing their songs wile maintaining a facade of prefab disinterest? Or do you crave a theatrical experience that tantalizes you with it’s exotic charms and sets your head a spinnin’ with images of otherworldly delight?

If you are ready for something more then the regular rock routines then you should head down to The Pyramid for Kazzoshay’s Eons Release Party, featuring the psychedelic freakouts of Electric Soul and Mariachi Ghost’s mix of traditional Mexican folk pageantry and rock n’ roll energy. But it is the main event that will truly be a sight to behold. Kazzoshay has quite the dark journey planned for you. If you are in attendance prepare yourself for boundary pushing shock rock and synth-drenched madness that may indeed wake the dark gods and get Cthulhu on the dance floor shakin’ his rump.

The party starts at the Pyramid at 9pm. Don’t miss out! -DS


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