Pissed Jeans – Honeys


Honeys is an album for those that prefer Bleach to Nevermind. Though they hail from Allentown, Pennsylvania, Pissed Jeans are a real throwback to the early days of Sub Pop records. Honeys, their fourth outing is abrasive and angry, noisy and purposely sloppy.  The lyrics are piss and vinegar rants about everyday “niggling” irritants, like picking a health care plan or a big box employee drinking away their crappy job. With each listen the initial dissonance seems to fade as the melodies rise to the forefront. The bleak minimal art and lack of information on the cover pair up well with the album’s sentiment. Or lack of sentiment, as is the case in the closer “Teenage Adult,” a great aural assault on staying at home rather than facing the world.  Speaking of niggling irritant the lack of song listing on the cover is rather inconvenient. (Sub Pop, whitedenim.com/pissedjeansBroose Tulloch

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