PLAGUE/ FLASH OUT – split cassette


When I went to see UK crust legends DOOM play the Negative Space, I didn’t know how many surprises that night would hold for me. One of the best moments in that sweaty haze of a night was my introduction to this golden cassette tape that looks like an old Bumblebee figure I used to have as a kid. It turned out to hold within it a split between two primo crust’n’crossover bands from right here in Winnipeg: PLAGUE and Flash Out. Both sides are balls to the wall no bullshit Winnipeg style punk/ metal with a fuzzy and extremely fitting mix. PLAGUE’S side consists of three blasting punk tunes that possess similar vibes to 80s Swedish and UK hardcore. The lyrics are anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist and are delivered with a mid-tone rasp that sounds rad on tape. Unfortunately, I have yet to see them live. Unlike PLAGUE, I saw Flash Out absolutely slay earlier that night as openers for DOOM, who they cite as an  influence. It was an absolute beast of a set: raw, fast and energetic as all hell. Flash Out are more on the thrashcore/ grind end of the continuum on this tape and it shows in the deep howling vocals, the relentlessly dynamic drums and the sheer riffiness they possess. Case in point “Ode to the Pit” is one of the best mosh songs I have ever experienced live: it was fuckin’ fist-bang mania. They even end the tape with a requisite sub two second grind song “Schleim.” If my experiences at that show and with this tape are any indication Winnipeg’s amorphous punk/ metal underground is in great hands. If any of this sounds cool to you: go buy this tape, go to their shows, and for god’s sake buy them beers. They deserve it.  (UNEASY LISTENING, Alexandre Ilkkala-Boyer

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