Astral – Forever After


Right out of the gate, Astral sounds like the early 90s The Cure that got really angry. Blend that with some Joshua Tree-era U2 without the histrionics of a self-righteous front man and you’ve got Astral. Forever After is an interesting combination of dreamy atmosphere and shrieking walls of guitar, which contributes to an under-produced sound to the album. It is this raw energy that sets Forever After apart from so many other post-pop records released in the last decade and contrived or not, it adds a sincerity to the music sorely lacking in Astral’s contemporaries. The opener, “Narcissus,” will have you thinking “fuck yeah” within seconds and by the time “Fall Away” hits a few songs later, you’ll be saying “fuck yeah!” The song “Not Too Late” sounds like something that would have fit nicely in a Lynch film like Lost Highway or Mulholland Drive. “Dahlia’s Falling” is reminiscent of Failure’s Fantastic Planet record, while “Eye to Eye” sounds like My Bloody Valentine with a pulse. In short, Astral’s Forever After is worth repeated listens. And remember to listen loudly. (Vibraphone, Myke Lewis

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