Brandy Zdan – Lone Hunter

Brandy Zdan -
This debut solo EP from Winnipeg ex-pat Brandy Zdan is a lovely little demonstration of both Zdan’s songwriting ability and her musical chops. As one half of the Juno nominated duo Twilight Hotel, the quality of Lone Hunter comes as no surprise. But the six song disc shows a different side of Zdan than her previous work, and displays her unique songwriting voice well. “O Where” is a melancholy, yet hopeful ballad, with beautiful lap steel guitar work and vocal harmonies.   “Does Everything Break” delivers more heartache, but Brandy’s vocals and guitar work make it hurt so good. “Blood as the Ink” cranks it up a notch midway through the EP, with vocals that are reminiscent, at points, of Tegan and Sara if they were on a heavy Texas trip. Already making a name for herself down in Austin, TX as a gunslinger for hire, Lone Hunter should serve Zdan well in staking her claim as a force to be critically reckoned with. (Cavalier Records, Sheldon Birnie

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