Lorn – Debris


I began volunteering for Stylus a little over a year ago and I was lucky enough to pick up Lorn’s Ask The Dust for my first review. Ever since, I’ve been looking forward to seeing what dark electronic recesses of his mind he would explore next, so I was excited to hear about Debris, his new EP.  Clocking in at around 13 minutes, Debris is briefer than I had hoped for. But what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. “Inverted” emerges out of a murky haze of analogue synths and a rumbling bass, builds tension, breaks down into a schizophrenic beat, and then leaves you wondering what the hell just happened. “On The Ice” plays off of the kind of peculiar melody that made Ask The Dust so original and shows off Lorn’s ability to carve out an atmosphere you can sink into without realizing.  Another one of Lorn’s talents is his ability to produce extremely dark and heavy moods without bringing down the energy of his tracks. I think talent exists because his beats are just so badass. “Bury Your Brother” starts with a marching band’s drumline kicking your teeth in, then digs in with a ghostly synth hook. “Debris,” the title track, is a different kind of animal. I think this may be one of Lorn’s most affective and emotional songs, leaving the drums behind for a more intimate and pared down experience. Then it ends after just a couple minutes. Damn. (Ninja Tune, ninjatune.net) Matthew Dyck

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