Red Fang- Whales and Leeches


Red Fang continue to impress with the third full length. Right from the get go “Doen” and single “Blood Like Cream” will have you hooked, so much so that you find yourself saddened when some songs come to an end. The infectious nature of the entire album is undeniable. Some graphic imagery is certainly brought up in some of the lyrics but the vibe from the album balances everything out brilliantly. The “metal” label these guys carry is not entirely accurate, a hard rock fan would find plenty to love in Red Fang. This band just knows how to make a great album. “Voices of the Dead” and “Behind the Light” get to rocking in a hurry, but slow burner “Down Rising” crawls along with sludge-like goodness. In no way has the wheel been reinvented on this outing, but Red Fang continue to find the perfect balance between progression and their roots. Turn this up and enjoy the ride! (Relapse Records, Scott Wolfe

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