Blood Orange – Cupid Deluxe


Cupid Deluxe is Blood Orange’s second album. It’s a mix of new wave, jazz and pop with an umbrella of seductivity. It’s like real slow mainstream music you’d hear in a weird club where everyone’s slow dancing and nobody is sure if they should really be there or not. Some of the tracks have that feel you get from listening to The XX but then it quickly switches over to jazz. This is demonstrated with “Uncle ACE.” Although it starts out with a smooth jazz feel, we lose the vocals halfway through and some electronic sounds get added in. It’s a nice song to write to. Everything was all fine and dandy with track two, “You’re Not Good Enough,” but I think somebody left the mic on during downtime. It sounds as though a room full of people are playing ping pong for the last minute of the song. Cupid Deluxe has a lot of spice with its several featured artists such as David Longstreth, Samantha Urbani, Clams Casino and plenty more. “Clipped On” is one of few songs on the album with rap, because hey, why not? It’s not too difficult to tell Blood Orange wrote this album with New York inspiration. The music will tell you that, but the sleevebook in the CD case full of pictures of New Yorkers, will probably be the biggest clue. I give this album a big A-OK, which is good because I’ve been to New York and it is not my favorite place. (Domino Recording Co Ltd, Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell

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