Tales of the Bouncer :: The Pyramid


Righteous Reviews of your Favourite Music Venues

by Jody Hunter

Venue: The Pyramid Cabaret

Location: 176 Fort St.

The Pyramid is one of those venues you can go to five times in a row and never hear the same style of music. From the unique acts manager Dave McKeigan brings to the city, to all the festivals that use the Pyramid as a venue (JunoFest, FringeFest, Aboriginal Music Week, etc) and any time a group rents it for a fundraiser, such as Pet Rescue a little while ago, you will almost always end up having a great time.

The layout is great, with table seating, two VIP booths, and a great size dance party for all the rock and rollers to jam out such as The Revival or the insane moves from the folks that pile in for Back 2 House or any MEMTIC event.  When the place is really rocking there are two bars that are open.  The main bar which is always open and where you can get speedy service from the rocker Mannon (bassist for La Mancha) or the side bar where you can get your ice cold Samuel Adams from  Stevie.  The place is wheelchair accessible which makes the world of a difference! Merchandise table is set up right by the stage which provides you easy access to meet the artists and buy their merchandise after their sets.

Have you ever been told “Hey you, you can’t have your drink out here?” With the summer months upon us, there is a licensed patio, where you can enjoy you cancer stick and your frosty beverage while sitting around a  table enjoying the nights breeze.

For all the clean freaks out there you will be happy to know bathrooms are in tip top shape. Patio is always well maintained.  If you are ever able to look away from the stage you might be able to get a glance of the man Jay (the bassist for The Revival) that keeps the tables clean.  You might see the odd spilled drink on the floor but it will be soon wiped up by the staff.

Staff at this joint is amazing. Bartenders know their drinks.  The sound guy Jared Weiss, the rebel in the toque, knows how to make all band’s sound great, but also beside him, you have the Mulit Mannon and Shawn (El Fedora Design), lighting up the crowd with insane lighting show. From my experience, the Pyramid is a very safe environment for all. The security team has many years of experience in all types of fields to ensure you have a safe but righteous time!

When it comes down to ordering your drinks, it is not the place to be ordering a martini! Beers of all kinds’ domestic, import and of course the famous locals such as Farmery and Fort Gary. The bar has a great selection of liquor, such as my favourite J.D.  If you are on a budget there is liquor on the guns which makes it a little cheaper but even quicker to get back on the dance floor as so you never have miss a beat.  Drink specials are always on the go, just listen for that announcement over the PA system for shooter specials or signs around the bar for the nightly drink special.

At the end of the night there are taxis circling the block and always ensure you have a safe ride home.

I’d rate the Pyramid Cabaret 4 microphones out of 5. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the review and you check this place out for your next night out. Remember to party hard and get home safe.

Did you know? The earlier name of the venue was the Spectrum Cabaret and in 1995 it was changed to the Pyramid Cabaret. If you are not too distracted by what is happening on the stage you can get a great look at the neon sign of the Spectrum  hung up by the main bar and patio doors.

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