North Americana – Twin


Similar to Bob Dylan’s trademark Neverending Tour, local “hypno-alt-folk” act Twin perpetually travel by canoe across the rivers of North America playing wherever and whenever they can in hopes of spreading their music through means entirely unique to them. Somehow, they even found time to record a debut album in between their voyages. And North Americana couldn’t be more aptly titled, as this is one fiercely Canadian piece of down-to-earth folkery. The band eschews the Mumfords and Edward Sharpes that inhabit so much acoustic music of late and focuses on a more traditional sound that brings to mind rolling hills, endless prairies and (appropriately) long canoe voyages.

The songs themselves are almost entirely based around founder and guitarist Dave Fort’s fingerpicked, minor-key phrases while Brooklyn Samson’s mournful violin dances and flourishes around the pieces. Fort and Samson’s voices aren’t pitch-perfect, but they have plenty of chemistry and carry the songs with a rough-yet-charming, off-kilter charisma. Plenty of guest musicians add their voices as well, with local folkers Micah Erenberg and Ingrid Gatin lending their voices to second-last track Assiniboine River. This is an excellent local release. Listen often – preferably in or near your favorite hiking trail. (Independent, Seamus Hamilton-Pattison


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