The Wilderness of Manitoba – Between Colours


Between Colours is The Wilderness of Manitoba’s fourth album, and as the name suggests, it clearly marks a transition in their musical styles. The group has clearly evolved since its first release in 2010, as an ever changing line up of musicians have taken the bands sound from folk music laden with strings and group harmonies towards tighter, synth-based arrangements. Between Colours represents a step in this journey, and it is at its best when it finds a balance between these worlds. The vocals are at their most powerful when Will Whitman and Amanda Balsys are harmonizing, and their hooks are as strong as ever. Perhaps my only criticism of the album is that at times it feels like they’ve played it safe – even my favourite tracks (such as “Leave Someone” or “Through Blue Light”) tend to fade into the background of this album as a whole. Despite this, it is exciting to see the band follow their passions and the mix of indie rock and beautiful ballads will certainly be appealing to a perhaps new and broader audience. (Pheromone Recordings, Danielle Marion