Energy Slime – New Dimensional



More than just a great band name – and it really is a phenomenal one – Vancouver duo Energy Slime have some serious songwriting chops. On New Dimensional, Jay Arner and Jessica Delisle have crafted ten sleepy, dreamy pop songs, absolutely drenched in reverb, delay, fuzz, phasers and other elements of digital psychedelia. At its best, on tracks like “Star on the Ground” and especially the dubby “Cool Ship II,” the heavy use of effects improves already-solid tunes into spaced-out moonshots. There is, however, a downside to the over-reliance on sound manipulation. In some cases, it just sounds forced – effects for effects’ sake – and actually detracts from Arner and Delisle’s clear talents. It’s almost like the musical equivalent of a perfectly fine photograph overloaded with unnecessary Instagram filters. On the whole, though, the effects give New Dimensional’s songs a very welcome psychedelic edge, and the songs tend to run on the brief side (all ten songs go by in an incredible 13 minutes) so even the duds are easily palatable. (Mint Records, Sam Thompson