CKUWHO :: Garageland

Garageland is a CKUW summer tradition. Tune in to CKUW on Saturday’s June 17 and 24 starting at 9 am to hear tales of explorers searching for treasure through the back yards, lawns, and garages all over Winnipeg. Garageland contributes to community building which is what CKUW is all about. We interviewed Kent Davies of CKUW’s Peg City Groove and Amaetuer Hour about what makes Garageland so special.

Stylus: Why do you encourage people to get involved with Garageland?

Kent Davies: Personally I think it’s just fun and interesting, especially for new volunteers who haven’t represented the station in the field before. I’ve had lasting friendships form from going out in the field to report on garage sales with new volunteers. There are very few times in the year where we as radio producers get to do field work and have the opportunity to really connect people with the radio station. The reason I keep doing it is that over the course of ten years I keep coming across people who listen to us at their garage sales and know that this is going on and want to report in or get involved.

Stylus: When did Garageland begin?

KD: I think it was even before my time in 2004. I think it was really a great way to reflect what a community radio station can do with special programming. It gets us out of the studio and into the community.

Stylus: What is Garage sale culture?

KD: I feel garage sales do a whole lot of good beyond making extra cash or finding cool stuff. I’ve met a lot of my neighbours this way. I’ve learned about a lot of local charity organizations that use yard sales as fundraisers. It’s a simple way to bring communities together, fundraise and reuse stuff to lessen our impact on the environment. I think Garageland is just reflecting that experience through radio. We’re providing an outlet to promote that way of thinking.

Stylus: Do you think Garageland could take off in other cities or is it purely a Winnipeg thing?

KD: I think it’s unique to our station but I don’t know why it couldn’t work anywhere else. The only real challenge is organizing and scheduling special programming during a summer month. It takes a lot of work with a lot of different contributors.

Stylus: What is the best way to organize your stuff while hosting a garage sale?

KD: I would recommend making things painfully obvious with clear labels and stuff spread out. I’ve found some real gems items buried under other stuff.

Stylus: What time do you need to get going in order not to miss out on any of the sweet finds?

KD: The earlier the better. I’ve gone to sales that open right at nine and there will already be people hovering, ready to go. However it’s always bad garage sale etiquette to show up before a sale is posted to begin.

Stylus: Have you come across local music or copies of Stylus at any sales?

KD: Oh yeah, I found Gorilla Gorilla and Kittens tapes at a sale once. I collect local albums so that was pretty sweet. I know the most hardcore garagelander there is Rockin’ Ronnie from Bluesday on Tuesday hands out Stylus’ to all the sales he hits.

Stylus: What are the pros and cons of Yard vs. Garage Sales?

KD: If you have a garage you have the added bonus of being able to stay open if it rains. However, yard sales have greater visibility.

Stylus: What is the most valuable thing you have ever come across?

KD: I’ll have to say I got a really sweet record player for cheap that I still use. On the whole though, I think the Star Wars Chewy bust in the CKUW on air room has been a priceless item to ever come out of a garageland. I’m not sure who found it.

Stylus: What is the best way to get involved with Garageland this year?

KD: We got a facebook group and event page called CKUW’s Garageland 2017 or you can go to for more info or to register your sale.