Krimewatch :: Demo

By Olivia Norquay

Krimewatch is the toughest band I’ve ever heard. The New York band’s 2016 Demo, released on vinyl by Lockin’ Out records, sits at under five minutes and incorporates fast, heavy hardcore punk with some thrashy elements (a.k.a. divebombs). I don’t usually care that much about new releases, but the new(ish) Demo manages to be reminiscent of early East Coast hardcore while still maintaining a contemporary and accessible sound. Sonically, Krimewatch inhabits the space between Boston’s Dame and Toronto’s Triage.

Featuring bassist Emma Hendry (Hotheads), guitarist Sean Joyce (Ajax), drummer Shayne Benz, and commanding vocals by Rhylli – in both Japanese and English – the band’s five song demo begins with the fast and riffy “小便 たれ” and builds into the heavy and relentless “Peach Generation”.  “Coward” is an eviscerating forty-nine seconds. “ゴキブリ男” and “No Sympathy” are both comparable to Bad Brains with Rhylli’s searing vocals and ruthless drumming from Benz. Demo is scary and cool and makes me feel indestructible.