The Castle

Local high schooler Maeve produces downtempo electronic gems as “The Castle.” We chatted with them about influences and future plans. Do not miss out on this creative new sound out of Winnipeg.Stylus:  What influences you to make the art you make?

Maeve: My music is probably mostly influenced by 90s house/dance/alternative music like Stereolab or Deee-lite. I was mainly influenced to make music because the idea of creating your own original art and releasing it to the world was something that scared and excited me!

Stylus: What is your favourite instrument to use/listen to?

Maeve: The bass is probably my favourite instrument to listen to in a song, but it also really depends on how the other instruments interact with each other. My favourite instrument to use is my keyboard because of the variety of synths. Plus it’s the instrument I’ve been playing the longest.

Stylus: How did you decide to use Bandcamp as a platform to share your music?

Maeve: I decided to use Bandcamp because I figured it was the easiest way to release music. It’s pretty easy for people to find my music and listen to it, even though I’m not very well known.

Stylus:. What is the story behind “The Castle?”

Maeve: As far as the name goes, the story isn’t too exciting; I just thought it sounded cool. As far as the actual project goes, I’ve always loved music and have been playing piano since I was five years old. I decided more recently to actually start creating my own music because, why not? At first I was just experimenting, but then it turned into something bigger. So far it’s working out and it’s my go-to creative outlet.

Stylus: Future plans for collaborations or more releases?

Maeve: Definitely! I have a new full-length album coming out very soon, hopefully in December. As for collaborations, I’d totally be down for them, but I don’t have any concrete plans. If anything comes up though, I’d be happy!

Stylus:  What is the ideal setting for creating music?

Maeve: Really just any quiet place where you have an unlimited amount of time to do what you want to do! I like to create music in the summer on my porch, watching the animals and people pass by, but being alone at night is also a good setting since it gives off a cool aura and a good creative feeling.

Stylus: What is your dream collaboration?

Maeve: I’d love to collaborate with, in terms of modern artists, Fletcher Shears from Puzzle and The Garden or Mac DeMarco, even though our genres aren’t quite the same. Collaborating with Miss Lady Kier would be very cool or with Mort Garson, if I could go back in time.

Stylus: Who inspires you to make music?

Maeve: Many people inspire me to make music. Musicians’ lives always seem so exciting (travelling, creating, performing, etc.) and someday I’d like to get in on that scene, which is one reason I was inspired to start experimenting with sounds. Feelings also inspire me to make music. I find it intriguing how an emotion can be created and felt through sounds.

Stylus: What would your live show be like?

Maeve: If I had a live show, hopefully people would be dancing! My songs currently don’t have lyrics, so it’d be a different sort of show… the show would mainly be a set of songs I could DJ. Oh and there would be lots of colourful lights! Can’t forget those!

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