Marshall and Some Buddies :: Dog Daddy Yeah :: Review

By Alex Roberecki

Local musician Marshall Birch got together with some buddies and created an album full of fun. Dog Daddy Yeah is full of inside jokes, outside jokes, and many references to man’s best friend. Their upbeat indie folk sound is conveyed through twelve tracks that will have the listener dancing and longing for the summer. Tracks like “Cloudland” and “Nice Houses” convey the upbeat positivity only the summer can bring. Lyrically this album can make you appreciate the simple things in life along with making you question the strange things. Like on the tracks “Where do birds go when they die?” and “Little Alex” which is about an introspective dog. The songs are short, sweet and influenced by surf, punk, and the 1950’s.

This album will put a smile on your face and is a breath of fresh air. Hopefully this group will perform some Dog Daddy Yeah at a local outdoor festival this summer as this very energetic album feels like it was made to be played live. It can make the listener want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful day. But until the weather allows that, you can download their album off Bandcamp and listen to it in the comfort of the indoors.

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