Album Preview :: Paige Drobot :: Zero Thought

Photo by Adam Cherpako

Words by Mark Teague

Although Paige Drobot is no stranger to the Manitoba Music scene, Zero Thought presents us with the first intimate look at the artist via her first solo EP. Scheduled for release on June 7th through local label Transistor 66, Zero Thought provides a thoroughly existentialist journey that becomes increasingly hard to pin to any specific style or genre as each track utilizes a specific voice and diverse melange of instrumentals.

“Wonder”, the opening track, begins with light guitar and vocals reminiscent of Grace Slick’s drawl, reminding the listener from the outset that “It takes a lifetime to know your worth” – lyrics that effectively set the stage for the tone that is reflected upon across the rest of the record. We are then confronted with a multi-instrumental jam, forming the cohesive sound of a band feeding off the raw musical energy that only comes with familiarity. This moment takes on an entirely different aura when we find out that Drobot is nearly the sole-instrumentalist on this album, making this jam entirely her own.

The album then transitions into “She’s Going Down”, the longest and most narrative of songs on the album, beginning with the ominous minor-key vocals and building slowly over the song to the apex of huge, all-consuming bass beats that seem too big to have been created by anything less than a gong, or the stomp of an oncoming army.

“Get Over It” continues to showcase Drobot’s musical breadth by making use of elements of funk to lo-fi and then moving into the aptly named “An Ending”. This final track is short, clocking in at only 86 seconds, and begins with revolution 9- style dream-noise and fading into soft, but stern, vocals providing the perfect sense of finality while leaving the listener craving more.

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