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Review by Ryan Haughey

Finally. If you’ve been eagerly awaiting more music from Warming since “White Lies” was released in early 2018, this is it. After a powerful barrage of singles, Warming’s self-titled album is here, and it’s everything if not more than anticipated.

The album starts off with the outdoor ambience of chirping birds as if to say ‘“Welcome,”’ followed up with a fast paced full band groove, introducing listeners to what they should get ready to hear on the rest of the record.

A few familiar singles, “White Lies” and “Did It Again” bang off with a bouncy bass and creatively simple progressions. Warming uses a plethora of synthesizer sounds to compliment the vocal and guitar melodies in the most efficient and effective way possible, adding what is necessary to the song at the opportune moments. On “Did It Again,” the build from verse to chorus pays off so well; with a wild yell, a sliding bassline, and a slapping guitar riff, Warming bangs off a series of perfect musical moments.

The singles shine throughout the record, but the songs that debut on this release burn just as bright. “Reasons” soars overhead with a catchy vocal hook that is supported by crystal synth tones. “Cut Out” is low-key with a quiet energy, driven by the leadership in the bassline – adding instrumentation where necessary. “Walker” is like a downhill run when the inspirational lyrics repeat, “My home can be where my heart is.”

Two standout tracks are the seemingly sibling songs “Dark” and “Wasting Time.” They both reprise the same main progression but each song uses it in a different style to its own highest calibre. A twisted guitar solo tears through the shining synths on “Dark” while “Wasting Time” is quicker paced and more acoustic oriented.

Hidden throughout the album are many small moving parts that subtly build on well-written songs, showing how thoughtful some of the musical decisions are on all of the tracks. Warming’s debut record is fun, emotional, danceable, and musically ingenious.

Recommended if you listen to: “What’s Up Winnipeg?” on CKUW 95.9 FM

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